Creativity is a powerful thing.

We are proud to introduce an exciting project sponsored by Women 2 Women!

In January of 2012, Women 2 Women incorporated a segment of a group that lost their ROC funding into an additional W2W project. The mission of this new program is to assist members of our refugee population with their assimilation into the local community.  We will do this via the teaching of the “sewing arts” in a safe and nurturing environment for both volunteers and participants. We are truly embracing the power of creativity, and therefore decided to call our new project The Creative Community

Through The Creative Community, refugees learn a sustainable craft, enhance their communication skills, and gain a network of caring support.  The program is staffed by the original four volunteers who started the program a few years ago. Marlene Monson also serves on the staff as a W2W Board liaison and volunteer.  The volunteers have years of experience running their own businesses in the fabric and textile industry and serve as mentors for the participants. 

Creative Community meets every Tuesday, 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m., in a space under Mariposa Flowers in downtown Greeley (map). The space is light, bright, and airy, and has a large area for sewing machines, storage for supplies, and a room dedicated to child care.